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Customers Count


People & Vehicle Counting

Customer numbers that pass and enter retailer premises impact their ability to pay rental and generate sales. It is impossible to objectively quantify performance or potential without knowing these numbers.


Retail Analytics

Relying on increasing customer numbers to generate revenue growth is not sustainable over time. Measuring and managing the efficiency with which retailers capitalise on the opportunity offered by their premises is.


Operational Research

Our research platform helps malls and retailers to gain insights and cost effectively identify and quantify opportunities to increase sales.  It also identifies what needs to be done to realise the opportunities.

Maximise the value you extract from every customer
About Us

We are a Cape Town based business & have been in existence for over 25 years.  Our main focus is assisting malls to maximize the value they extract from every customer. We do this via a unique suite of automated systems & processes that quantify every element of different value chains because it is only possible to manage what is measured.

Customer counting in the mall industry arises from the fact that value is created through customers & it is impossible to objectively quantify sales & rental performance or potential without knowing customer numbers.  All of our software systems & processes have been developed in house & have been effectively used by South African malls, retailers & international research companies.

In the mall industry we help our clients to use customer counts mainly to:

  • Maximize short term rental income without impacting adversely on the ability of tenants to trade (which impacts adversely on future rental growth).
  • Maximize sales, to generate opportunities for future rental growth.
  • Improve the return on marketing spend & maximize the benefit of marketing to tenants. We do this by assisting our clients to focus marketing where it has the greatest potential to add value.

We have installed over 150 counting systems in South Africa & neighboring countries, over 70 of which have been in malls totaling in excess of 1,75 million m².

Trusted in the customer counting industry

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